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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  May 31, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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you can see the earth's horizon in frame. the rocket positions itself for dissent. the rocket fires up to slow the approach, the legs lock into place, the target hits the bull's eye, a safe landing, right in the middle of the flat form. nailed it there. pretty cool. that will do it for us. rachael will be back tomorrow. see you tomorrow morning at my regular time. now, it is time for lawrence. >> what do you do when you are facing fraud charges, and the press questions futold the truth about money you raised for veteran groups. if you are donald trump, you act shocked. because ru donald trump, you defend your integrity the only way you know how. by telling lies.
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>> you are a sleeze. >> counting down the insults. do you have your pad? the press should be ashamed of himself. >> never received such bad publicity. >> stop using veterans as props. >> trump did a good job, you make me look bad. >> do you need a thicker skin to run for this office? >> i love the vets. >> you are raising money for veterans -- >> excuse me, i watched you on television, you are a beauty. >> the difference between donald trump says and what donald trump does. >> he appealed to a lot of voters. >> bill crystal put out a tweet. promising there will be an independent candidate. >> bill crystal is a loser. >> we have a viable third party ticket. don --
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>> this is more than about entertaining a large audience. >> you think i will change? i am not changing. >> veteran groups. >> i wanted to keep it private. if we could, i wanted to keep it private. i don't knowledge it is anybody's business if i want to
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send money to the vets. >> think about that. he knows he is not getting it away with the lie. he knows you know he is lying. he knows you are watching him lie in that moment. he simply cannot resist lying. even when he knows that you know the truth. that is what makes it pathological.
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he said he wanted to keep it private. here is when he wanted to keep it private. he skipped the fox news debate. afraid of getting megan kelly questions, he held a public fundraiser for veterans, here is how private he tried to keep it. >> i called some friends, we cracked $6 million. donald trump gave $1 million. >> only one person can brag about raising $6 million, and donating $1million, both of which were untrue, and then today, say this. >> if we could, i wanted to keep it private.
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i don't think it is anybody's business if i want to send money to the vets. >> that is a profound pathological lying. it was first described by a german physician in 1991. donald trump has no such fear. pathological liars do not fear getting caught lying, they are incapable of telling the truth. they are, of course, outraged, i mean, outraged when you don't believe them. the truth is, that donald trump's press conference today, his personal failure to donate a million dollars, that he already said he contributed on january 28th, that press conference did not actually reveal the truth about any of that donald trump provided no proof at all he
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provided a list of groups that he said received contributions, proof would be showing us cashed checks which he did not do. he did find time to say this about the man who has been trying to find a republican to mount a third party challenge to donald trump. >> bill crystal is a loser. his magazine is failing, as you chb. i don't think it even survives. he is trying to drive you nuts, if they do in indy, assuming it is decent. i don't think anybody with a reputation would do it. they would look like fools, what are you going to do, you lose the election for the republicans, and therefore, you lose the supreme court. joining us, the analyst for msnbc, and jones day. howard dean is a former governor
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of vermont, and hillary clinton supporter, and political analyst. and a former speech righter for president obama. since you are up there not in the studio. start with you. also because, you as part of the obama speech writing team, have been a co-author to some of the most eloquent and thoughtful american political speeches of our time. i want to begin with your analysis of the donald trump press conference today. and what it was that we were watching. >> well, i think we saw the man child running for president throw a temper tantrum, which is what he does, when someone tries to expose that he is a pathological liar. he targets the press, and federal judges, the difference s right now, he is targeting people with his big mouth and
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twitter account. what happens if he becomes president? and he has the fbi, the cia, the irs, and america's nuclear arsennal? this is a man who will take people's press credentials away. taking away libel laws, for people to sue the media. when you give this guy power, and throws temper tantrums like this, and exposed as a liar. >> he calls thomas a sleeze. >> i am not looking for credit. what i don't want, when i raise millions of dollars, have people say, like this sleazy guy over here from abc, he is a sleeze. you are a sleeze. you know the facts, you know the facts well. >> then, the republican nominee for president defined what a sleeze is. that is someone who knows the facts, knows the facts well and
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apparently lies about it. the first line of that statement is him saying, i am not looking for credit. which we all know, is a pathological lie. >> so, do we now have donald trump diagnosed as a pathological liar and a sleeze? >> it is wonderful to be with you. this is an unusual campaign. stipulate to that. >> the guy goes out there. people have said that the most
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interesting thing about this is, the game has already begun. although the democratic nomination is still being contested. hillary is going to win it. the election will be about the 15 million voters in the middle. the republican party has come together and consoolidated around trump, dispite bill crystal's efforts, and when we do, we will be fighting over 15 million voters. every day that he does this, doesn't help him with those 15 million voters. >> today is all about how much he loves the veterans. we had a 31-year navy veteran on this program, some months ago, who sued donald trump for fraud over a condo development in
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southern california, sued him in southern california federal court. i asked him about as a military veteran, about his reaction to donald trump's -- the way he talks about veterans. listen to that. >> you couldn't have given more years of service to your country. 30 year veteran of the military. when you hear him talk about that he wants to take care of veterans, what is your reaction to that? >> my reaction is that donald trump is putting on a con. he conned us. he is a con man. what else can i say? >> he does leave people speechless at a certain point. can the democratic campaign
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handle this kind of candidate. he seems to have slipped away from every attempt. >> remember, the donald trump first pronouncement of veterans in the campaign, when he said that john mccain wasn't a hero because he was shot down. part of what the democrats have to do, all of us have to do, is remind people what a con he is. remind people of the lies on a daily basis. this doesn't have to do with whether or not you are republican or democrat, the man is a pathological liar. democrats, republicans, he is in a class by himself. you know, it is very dangerous for him to become president. i think we have to remind people of that. >> listen to what he said on friday.
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>> he is a hater, his name is g gonzollo curio, and he is not doing the right thing. i am getting railroaded by a legal system, they be ashamed. the judge, i believe is mexican. which is great. that is fine. >> he thinks that is fine. >> your law firm -- >> i don't do any of that work. >> your reaction to that as a practitioner, to hear someone in federal litigation attacking the federal judge that way? >> that is not the textbook way to do it. however, he obviously feels strongly about it. feels it is worth calling attention to it. the courts don't operate in
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private. they are public institutions, this isn't the first film, a plaintiff or defendant in a case talked about the judge. >> we believe that judge is mexican, born in indiana, howard dean. donald trump born to one parent, foreign born. this judge, born in indiana. >> we are talking about the 15 million in the middle. hispanic americans are not in the middle. 19 positive, 72 negative. we have never seen a number like that for a republican in a presidential race, if that is the number on election day, hillary clinton will be the president of the united states. >> coming up, the washington post reporter.
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and trump about the money he gave to veterans. >> and bill crystal. there is already a third party ready to go. the libertarian party, former republican governor gary johnson and bill weld will join us. on "the last word." man 1: you're new.
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man 2: i am. woman: ex-military? man 2: four tours. woman: you worked with computers?
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man 2: that's classified, ma'am. man 1: but you're job was network security? man 2: that's classified, sir. woman: let's cut to the chase, here... man 1: what's you're assessment of our security? man 2: [ gasps ] porous. woman: porous? man 2: the old solutions aren't working. man 2: the world has changed. man 1: meaning? man 2: it's not just security. it's defense. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems. sglp how do explain the phenomenon of donald trump? >> i can't. seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator. >> forced don ambassador trump to have that press conference,
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about the money raised for veteran groups.
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your whole day stops. excuse me, try this. but just one aleve can last 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. [ cheering ] so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve. >> certified check? >> they all got the money, they are not people who talk to the press. many of them do talk to the press. >> the man who wrote the story ten days ago, how donald trump was not handing money over to
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everywheres, and he served in the marine corps, and handling protests for donald trump's handling of veteran organizations. >> donald trump handed out a list of organizations he said received money. what proof do we actually have, proof, of course, is not verbal, it is documentary, irs doesn't take your word for it, you have to show the cashed checks. what do we center by documentary proof that any of this happened? >> we don't have a lot of documentary ploof, cancelled checks, paperwork, we have talked to a number of groups that trump mentioned today. we know from previous interviews, they confirmed that money came in and they depositted it. >> it sounds like there is nothing that irs would accept as proof in this case. you have some organizations, who were saying, we got the money,
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and the guy who is charged with fraud cases, california to new york, sued for fraud many times, proven himself in every public statement to lie publicly as he did today multiple times that person is not someone that i think people should be trusting on a verbal basis. >> well, i think he displayed a lack of integrity. only after facing so much scrutiny. broad claims about how great he is for veterans, that didn't turn out to be accurate. that is troubling. >> and let's listen to what he said today about the administrative costs he said 5.6
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million, he gave out 5.6 million. we don't know that to be true. a lot of the donors gave it directly to the charities, it didn't pass through trump's hands, there is no way he would have had a chance to collect a fee off of that. we are talking about a simple operation, it isn't a time intensive charity, that has to administer to veterans. >> i want to stress the point.
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there is absolutely no proof of anything. correct me if i am wrong. is there documentary, evidentiary proof of anything that donald trump said today? >> the things i have seen, a few cancelled checks, this was interesting, to a few charities a few weeks ago, a letter from donald trump. i am giving you this money, from donald trump foundation. the check would come from somebody else. in most cases, mark fisher, who runs a footwear company that does business with ivanka trump. donald trump would take credit for that. >> certainly, nobody has seen the mythical million dollar check that trump claims to have written. you were attacked by name on the trump stage today.
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he went after the protesting veterans outds of trump tower, another that appeared with him. went after you directly. what was your response to that? >> it is disappointing, that donald trump's first reaction, when veterans stand up and demand he be held accountable is to attack the veterans. he has demonstrated, he doesn't have respect for veterans. >> his attack on you, that you are part of hillary clinton campaign, and your attack is organized by the clinton campaign. >> the idea is ridiculous. >> that is a peculiicture of yoh hillary clinton? >> yes, i am personally cemeterying her, i voted for her in the democratic primary. our grass roots movement is
7:25 pm
composed of democrats, republicans, libertarians, those coming forward saying that his rhetoric is unacceptable. >> up next, butch and sundance, fresh from the both here, both former republican governors, offering republicans an alternative to donald trump. get ready for the rio olympic games
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>> in tonight's war room, the third party. now that senator bill crystal revealed that his search has come down to the hopelessly unknown staff writer, david french, many republicans are turning to the libertarian party, already. getting 10% of the vote in three-way polling against donald trump and hillary clinton. and this weekend, at the libertarian party convention, two governors accepted the presidential and vice presidential nominal. gary johnson, again, running as a first-time the former governor of massachusetts. he was welcomed to the race.
7:30 pm
>> gary johnson got 1% of the vote, it is safe, fringe deal. i think he is a fringe candidate, i want to know the truth, i watch moegs and watch what he says, i think he is a fringe candidate. and your second, weld, when you do research on that i think it is not going to be a factor. >> just now, the libertarian nom nigh, gary johnson, and the running mate, former governor, bill weld. >> how do you feel about what donald trump said? >> i embrace it. >> republican governors re-elected twice, in heavily blue states, embracing marriage equality, embracing a women's right to choose, legalizing marijuana, let's stop dropping bombs, officially conservative,
7:31 pm
socially liberal. he nailed it. we have been fringe the whole way through, he nailed it. >> this was your first libertarian convention, the first time you have seen a guy half strip on the stage. >> i have seen that. >> not that you have never seen it at a convention. what for you let us, the government, make desigszs for you in your personal life. i always hated that it i had to wear it as a republican very uneasily. you know, i don't have to embrace democratic overspending, not caring about the $20
7:32 pm
trillion in debt. i don't have to embrace that gary and i are in the middle, right where you want to be. we don't agree with half of the platform of either major party. that puts us in the center, if you want to call the middle a fringe, make the most of it. >> you appeared to be concerned with environmental damage. >> i did in my first year in office, to expand the earned income tax credit. you have to think about people who are trying hard to make it in this country, and not able to
7:33 pm
do so. >> we know why bill crystal wants to look beyond you for a presidential candidate. if is what they consider the national defense compoept. bill crystal never met a war vent he was not in favor of, including the iraq war. that is the part of your approach that he would disagree with the most. what do you have to say to americans who are concerned with national security in the most traditional way republicans are, don't want to pull that lever for donald trump? >> we need an impenetrable national defense. >> if we are going to attack, we are going to attack back. i would say the military interventions have resulted in making the world less safe, not more safe. involve congress in all of this. we have 69 countries we are obligated to defend their borders, and congress have not
7:34 pm
authorized any of those treaties. executive treaties and the military. when it comes to our military abroad. let's involve congress, get them front and center. i think the biggest threat in the world today is north korea. at some point, the intercontinental missiles are going to work. we are called isolationists, join hands with china, maybe we can get the troop its out of south korea, maybe a uniisksz of the koreas. >> noninterventionists -- i
7:35 pm
travel all over the world all the time. you can get a lot done with diplomacy. soft diplomacy, joe nye at harvard, you can do a lot without formal engagement. that is a good start. a heck of a lot better than nothing. >> you have said that donald trump's proposal of deporting 11 million people not documented in this country reminds you of the nazi era. expand on that. >> it reminds me of the jews being rounded up because of the great fear. it would be a great fear among the $11 million, they would be hiding in attics like anne frank. that to me is not the america we want to be. i have been obsessed by the holocaust for a long time.
7:36 pm
i made a point of saying, i am not accusing donald trump to being a fascist or a nazi. the actions proposed by him are troubling. the war is reminiscent of the berlin wall. calling everybody, this is the kevin the armadillo, and repeating it, until everybody is saying, the arma dillo guy, that is kevin. asked people to drink kool-aid, apparently people d it is making people drink the kool-aid. it is politically poisonous kool-aide. >> last time out, you got 1% of the vote, ru ten times that now. >> do you think there should be
7:37 pm
a change in that are you willing to have that standard that you have to meet? >> the standard is fine. appearing in the polls, you know. i have appeared in three polls, 10%, 10% and 11%. there have been another fourlt where my name is not appeared. you guys did a poll. there isn't a johnson-weld name up there right now. you look, polls have a self fulfilling it proficiency. no problem with the 15%. just how about if you are on the ballot in all 50 states, which bill and i are going to be on the ballot in all 50 states, the only party to lay claim to that shouldn't that entitle us to be in the polls that is all we are
7:38 pm
asking for. >> thank you both for joining us tonight. beginning your first week, campaigning as a ticket. >> good luck out there. sglm thank you very much. >> coming up. hillary clinton changes her schedule to rush out to california to catch up with bernie sanders, already there it as the race in california tightens. there are two billion people
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for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. >> first, here is how it looked on the campaign trail today. >> i have given a lot of money and raised a lot of money for the vets. >> who got it, why it take so long to get it to them? >> the problem is the difference between what donald trump says and what donald trump does. the reporter to shame him into actually making his contribution. >> you think i am going to change? i am not changing. >> he was insulting not just members of the press, a list of
7:42 pm
people. >> are you ready? do you have your pad? >> viwatched you on television, are you a beauty. this sleazy guy, from abc. you are a sleeze. >> the judge, overseeing his case. >> he is unfair. >> tweeted about speculation. the. >> bill crystal is a loser. i am not a fan of mitt romney. >> gary johnson, the new candidate. >> i he think say fringe candidate. if you want to know the truth. >> i will continue to attack the press. >> secretary clinton will likely clinch the nomination before all of the votes in california are counted. >> bernie sanders, continues to barn storm the state. >> she is getting an endorsement from brown today. >> i am feeling positive about my campaign. >> if there is a large turn-out here in california, we will win
7:43 pm
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>> today secretary clinton picked up the endorsement of jerry brown, who released a written statement. here is bernie sanders' response. >> in every state that we have gone into, we have taken on the entire democratic establishment. the governors or senators with one exception in oregon. we have won 20 states, it is not surprising to me that you know, we will have the democratic establish supporting hillary clinton. i like brown, but people can
7:47 pm
make their own choices. >> howard, they are locked in a tie. suddenly, the clinton campaign, california is really important. >> not because it will be a problem if she loses, she will win the nomination. he is ahead. from a momentum point of view, it would be great. she will win new jersey, probably end up with more pledge delegates, one on the seventh of june than bernie will. >> it seems that bernie strategy, may be, if he doesn't have the pledge delegates, and clinton does, does not concede. to actually do what jerry brown did, when he bitterly ran against bill clinton. and literally, take it all the way to the convention.
7:48 pm
>> bernie and i respect each other. i didn't think bernie was going
7:49 pm
to run. i was surprised. he spent all of town meeting day, the first tuesday in march, going around to towns in vermont. there is no way this guy is going to run for president. then, weeks later, he was in. my state voted 86% for bernie. i am a super delegate. not only, i am not a super delegate from vermont, i am from the country. i don't have any problems voting for hillary clinton, i am going to do that. >> thank you. >> coming up, violence on the 2016 campaign trail. we have seen it before. when we saw it before, it was much worse. coming up. you both have a
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. the revolution will not be televised was ann them to america's 20th century revolutionary, at the peak of their zeal in 1970, when he wrote that song. what was televised during 1969 and 1970, were nightly new its reports of over 9,000 protests. 84 incidents of bombing, arson, on college campuses, 2.5 million students on strike. and 700 college shut-downs like the deadly one at kent state. >> i was convinced the guns were not loaded with live amno. how ridiculous would that be?
7:53 pm
i saw the ground churn up in front of me. i was shot at that point. they were live bullets. >> all turns, all shoots unison. 61 to 67 bullets on students. my center was 343 feet away from her shooters. >> the occasional small outbursts of violence that we have seen at trump campaign events, is the first campaign violence that most americans ever have seen. the campaign year of 1968, was by far, the most violent. the year after that presidential election, that gave us richard nixon, the movement to end the
7:54 pm
war in vietnam became more desperate. revolution was in the air, it was in our music and in the spirit of most of the protests of that time. up next, where are the revolutionaries now? one of them is running for president. whether it's big... or small. first to go. or best for last. sweet. or not so sweet. whether it's tossed... or twirled. if it's easy prey. or plays hard to get. every last crunch, sprinkle and drip... should be as clean as it is delicious. panera. food as it should be.
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prepared to go forward with a political revolution! thank you! >> joining us now, clara bingham, "witness to the revolution." book released today. you are covering that revolutionary year, the academic year, 1969-1970. i can't listen to bernie sanders, without thinking about the revolutionaries of that time. >> bernie was one of them. he is an ex-hippie from vermont. where everyone fled to. all the communes in vermont, when bernie moved there in 1968. >> i say little in terms of what you are writes about here. the little outbreaks of violence, that we have seen at trump events, are so minuscule compared to what the country was
7:57 pm
going through at that time. you chronicled this relentless, recurring protests, bombings, they were routinely reported on page 19 of the newspaper in those days. >> it is hard to imagine how close the country came to a civil war. it is as close as we had come to the 1860s. there was a palpable feeling there could be an overthrow of the government. >> you have done an oral history here. when you let the people involved tell the stories, what are some of the big surprises as you were listening to the story? >> some of the big ones, the regrets, the radical leftez, that went as far to left as possible, and became militant.
7:58 pm
they regret they went as far as they did. they realize it was politically, not a smart thing to do. it helped the nixon administration and insighted the fbi to chase after them. there was a fight before them, the black panthers and the undergrown. everybody is in the late 60s and early 70s, looking back to what they did in their 20s, how angry they were. it was an atrocility. they understood why they did what they did. they wish there it were certain things they hadn't done. >> they it were a tiny fraction, the people who got violent, less than 1% of the protesters, because there it was a the first
7:59 pm
great aernt-war movement in the united states. >> august 151969. two million stopped work for an entire day, to have a national strike against the war. a month of later, 500,000 came to washington, d.c. for the moratorium to rend the war they would do it on a dime. 150,000 descended on washington, d.c. most everyone was peaceful. >> "witness to the revolution." most of you did not live through this. stick around, we will talk about it more on line. one of our very last words that we post on line?
8:00 pm
>> sure thing. >> clara bingham, tonight's last word. chris hayes is so unfair. >> donald trump lashes out. >> is this what it's going to be like covering you if you're president? >> yeah, it is. >> why it took a media investigation for trump to fulfill this months-old promise to veterans. >> donald trump gave $1 million, okay? >> hillary clinton responds in my one-on-one interview. >> it took a reporter to shame him into actually making his contribution and getting money to veterans' groups. >> her comments on trump and the state department report on her use of private e-mail. then new documents released in the fraud lawsuit against trump university. >> he's been a very bad judge, very unfair. >> ralph nader is here to discuss the third-party impact. as a candidate emerges from this convention.